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Bring Irregularities to Light!

Feddersen Group Whistleblower System

Light On!

The Feddersen Group bases its conduct on the principles of operational integrity. Our goal is to build and maintain a robust organisation that allows us to perform reliably and lead effectively even under pressure. You can make a key contribution to achieving this by helping us identify inappropriate behaviour.

Corruption, fraud, theft or illegal collusion must be rooted out along with discrimination, illegal activities and violations of internal regulations. If you are aware of such criminal or misguided actions, please report them immediately. This is the only way we can prevent harm to our organisation and to each individual.

Help Out!

To effectively protect you as a whistleblower, we offer you this communication platform secured with the newest technologies for the submission of anonymous reports. By setting up a secured postbox, you can be anonymously informed of the processing of your report and share any additional information that may be useful.


Please find the courage to speak up. Thank you for your support.

To the Whistleblower System

Whistleblower system

Why is it important to report misconduct?

This film gives a good first overview of the need for a whistleblowing system for the company and the protection of employees and whistleblowers of integrity. 

Who Is the Whistleblower System Aimed at?

In principle, all persons, whether internal or external, are called upon to report any irregularities and thus help us to clear them up.

What Sort of Reports Will Help Us?

The range of incidents you can and should report is wide: corruption, fraud, theft or illegal collusion must be rooted out along with discrimination, illegal activities and violations of internal regulations.

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BKMS® System

How Does the Whistleblower System Work?

The BKMS® system is a software as a service solution from Business Keeper AG, experts in the field of compliance. It is a platform for a secure dialogue between whistleblowers and recipients as well as the subsequent legally secure and traceable processing of compliance reports.

The following is technically ensured 

  • The anonymity of the whistleblower, if desired 
  • A protected, encrypted dialogue between the person reporting and the reviser  
  • An ISO 27001-certified secure data center  
  • A low threshold for reporting  
  • Secured documentation/proof of messages  
  • A dedicated authorisation management  


The following diagram explains the functionality in more detail:

Click here for the whistleblower system

Whistleblower system