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Improve Quality of Life

Giving Back to Society

Improve Quality of Life

A Foundation to Give a Helping Hand

Company founder Karl Detlef Feddersen had a particular wish as a successful entrepreneur of the company to give something back. For this reason, he created the K.D. Feddersen Foundation with the purpose of the selfless promotion of elderly welfare and supporting people in need. To fulfil the objective of the foundation, the foundation of the foundation's retirement home in Hamburg Lokstedt was laid in 1982, which has grown continuously since then and which offers a home for more than 250 residents.

The K.D. Feddersen Stiftung is the sole shareholder of K.D. Feddersen Holding GmbH. The holdings in the companies of the Feddersen Group are held by K.D. Feddersen Holding GmbH.

Improve Quality of Life

Local Engagement

Beyond Hamburg, our Group is engaged in the Federal States and municipalities in which it operates. Our constant effort is to offer sustained added value and to be a reliable partner locally.

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Improve Quality of Life

Quality of Life Thanks to Plastic

Most people probably do not associate the term plastic with it many positive properties and resulting diverse and fascinating possibilities with which it has revolutionised our lives.

In sustainable mobility concepts its good technical properties and the flexible applications are crucial in making the vehicles of the future lighter and more energy-efficient. 

We can no longer do without electronic household aids in our daily lives, whether these are vacuum robots, kitchen and washing machines or entertainment electronics such as smartphones and televisions. All our small and large helpers could not be manufactured affordably as there is no other material that is so flexible in its shape while also being stable and durable.

Medical technology and prosthetics are another area in which there is largely no alternative to plastics: e.g. a cardiac catheter operation would not be possible without plastics. Plastic also contributes significantly to the hygiene and safety of specialist staff and patients. Disposable gloves, mouth protection or disposable syringes are only a few examples. 

Fresh food can quickly spoil, especially when stored unpackaged. However, air-tight, vacuum-packed packaging enable food to be stored and transported even for a longer period. Plastics therefore contribute to the supply of more and more people around the world with food.

Conscious handling of plastics  should, however, be paramount in all applications and perspectives of this exciting and durable material. This is the only way to contribute to sustainably protecting our world in its diversity.

For more information, please see the page of the General Association of the Plastics Processing Industry e.V. (GKV):

Communicating these principles of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN :

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