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Our responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Feddersen Group

“Acting on behalf of people – acting through global trade”

The United Nations have defined Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their agenda. The 17 goals include overcoming poverty and other disadvantages, which must go hand in hand with strategies to improve health and education, reducing inequality and stimulating economic growth, while at the same time combating climate change and efforts for the conservation of our oceans and forests.

As a successful global group of companies, we see it as our duty to contribute to the fulfilment of these goals. Therefore, we have developed a sustainability agreement for our customers based on them. 

Whistleblower System at the Feddersen Group

...surely that's not all true?!

Do you have any reason to doubt our commitment or do you know of specific cases of misconduct and wrongdoing in the Feddersen Group? Then help us resolve it.

Find out more about our whistleblower system in which you can report cases of wrongdoing anonymously .